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Introducing Blue Wren Baby Company’s flagship product:

Bandana bibs with magnetic fasteners!

Blue Wren bibs are the convenient, safe and fashionable choice for your adorable drooling baby.


Gender Neutral


Bandana Bibs with Magnetic Fasteners

Blue Wren Baby offers a collection of baby bibs with magnetic fasteners. Our bibs seamlessly combine style, safety and functionality to make your life a little easier.

Convenient & Safe

Blue Wren bibs with magnetic fasteners can be effortlessly attached with one hand, with peace of mind that removal is gentle and safe.

Fashionable & functional

Chic designs compliment your baby's outfits, while keeping them dry.

Our Collection

Get a unique and authentic style with Blue Wren Baby bibs with magnetic fasteners

3 different color options


Want to know more?

Why should I buy Blue Wren Baby bibs with magnetic fasteners?

Blue Wren Baby bibs with magnetic fasteners are the safe and convenient way to fasten and remove a bib on your baby!


Unlike most bibs which have metal snaps or velcro fasteners, Blue Wren Baby bibs can be placed and safely removed from your baby with one hand, leaving your other hand open to hold your baby…or that much needed cup of coffee.

Where can I buy Blue Wren Baby bibs?

Blue Wren Baby bibs are sold exclusively on Amazon!


Visit our page here to purchase our safe, convenient and chic bibs. 

Are magnetic fasteners safe for my baby?

Yes. Blue Wren Baby Bibs have been extensively tested by independent safety testing laboratories, and have passed every applicable safety test available for children’s apparel. 

The magnets in Blue Wren Baby bibs are enclosed in a toxic-free casing, and then sewn securely in between layers of fabric, minimizing any choking hazard, or possibility that your baby will come in direct contact with our magnets. 

Additionally, by using magnetic fasteners instead of metal snaps or velcro, parents and caretakers will have the peace of mind that placement and removal of the bib from your baby is gentle and safe.

If you notice any flaws in our bibs, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will make it right. 

Babies should sleep with nothing around their neck. As with all products, remove bib before putting baby to nap or sleep. 

Do the magnets in Blue Wren Bibs interfere with pacemakers?

Especially because the magnets are sewn into high quality, thick material, the magnets in Blue Wren Baby bibs are not strong enough to interfere with pacemakers.

With all things related to medical devices, it is best to consult your physician before coming in close contact with magnets or any unfamiliar products.  

What are the Care Instructions for Blue Wren Baby bibs?

Blue Wren Baby bibs are machine washable! 

Make sure to fasten the magnets before throwing the bibs in the wash on Gentle Cycle.

Because of the magnets, you may find the bibs attached to the side of your washing machine, but don’t worry, it won’t hurt your washing machine or affect the integrity of our bibs in any way! 

Please refrain from dry cleaning, ironing or bleaching the bibs. 

Does Blue Wren Baby Co have plans to create more products?

Yes! As a new company, our team is coming up with new ideas every day.

Stay tuned for the next safe, fashionable and functional baby product from Blue Wren Baby Co!


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